Transform obstacles into opportunities with these holistic forms of psychotherapy.

Life Coaching & Personal Development

The Center for Mind, Body & Spirit offers services for holistic therapies including Life Coaching as well as Personal Development sessions.
Transform obstacles into opportunities

Life Coaching w/ Anne Kosem

Do you ever feel like you’re stuck? Does daily life leave you feeling overwhelmed and under-accomplished? Are fear and indecision standing in your way? Do you have a strong desire to make improvements in your life, but aren’t sure how? Life coaching is a dynamic process whereby coach and client work together to clarify goals, remove, obstacles and co-create strategies that empower success and elevate awareness for a more fulfilling life.
“As a life coach, my goal is to inspire you to manifest meaningful life change. The kind that starts down deep and flourishes, bringing the richness of joy and purpose to all areas of your life.” -Anne Kosem.
Holistic form of Psychotherapy

Personal Development w/ Karen Harris

Personal Development: This session is a holistic, psychotherapy-inspired, reflective listening service to help an individual process and heal, at a deeper level, life’s difficult experiences. It provides a platform, where an individual becomes more conscious of their behaviors, and cognitive process. This practice affords individuals an opportunity to make more fully informed decisions and choices. Awareness and integration of the Self is paramount for creating a life that is richer and more fulfilling. This is a nontraditional alternative to traditional therapy. 

Theta Healing w/ Carlin Wagner

Theta Healing®️is a co-creative energy modality where the client learns from the practitioner how to transform negative energy. Theta Healing®️combines science and spirituality to identify and immediately transform erroneous core beliefs the client is carrying about themsleves.

1 Hour ………. $100
1.5 Hour ………. $150

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    Life Coaching & Personal DevelopmentThe Center for Mind, Body & Spirit offers services for holistic therapies including Life Coaching as well as Personal Development sessions.
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