Experience deep calm, inner wisdom and insight.

Meditation Instruction

Meditation Instruction is a one-on-one session with your chosen provider. Different providers offer different techniques. The Center for Mind, Body & Spirit offers sessions in the following practices:

Mantra Meditation
Guided Meditation
Mandala Art Meditation
Mindfulness Practice
Jewish Meditation

Mantra Meditation is easy to learn and practice. A soothing sound as a mantra and an easy 20-minute practice technique allow a person to turn inward to the source of relaxation and creativity. Profound positive changes of relaxation, clear awareness, finding authentic purpose and other benefits often take place.

Guided meditation is a gentle version of meditation wherein one listens to a soothing voice and is helped to visualize, feel and imagine. This allows one to relax, connect with inner creativity, bring balance, healing and awaken heartfelt dreams. A guided meditation MP3 that is specific to a person’s dreams and goals is created during the sessions.

Mandala Art Meditation is a process of awakening creativity that combines easy ways to create mandalas along with guided imagery and journaling. Mandala Art Meditation is used to create inner calmness, provide insights to inner wisdom, clear out interior clutter, and balance both sides of the brain. No art experience needed and art supplies provided in a specially-designed kit.


Prices vary by practitioner.

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