Text messaging has returned!

You can now reach The Center via call or text at: 314-725-6767

Dr. Kris’s patients can again reach her directly via text at 314-324-2507

News of our recent ownership transition:

Updated August 25, 2022

A letter from our founder, Deborah Zorensky:

“I think most of you know that I have been dealing with metastatic melanoma. I have learned that cancer is a full time job. And dealing with it and maintaining “The Center” means that both are probably handled with less than the 100% of handling that they need.

Fortunately for everyone, Dr. Kris has moved up to the plate. She will soon be owning The Center and running it with the high energy she possesses. Dr. Kris has worked on and off at The Center since she graduated Logan in December of 2005. She brings energy, caring, knowledge and love to all who work there and come in.

For the last seven months, I haven’t been sure of how things would work out at The Center. I am glad that this issue is handled.

We are aiming to make this change on August 1st. The Center will continue to run as is, but you will have some refreshing logistics and new services to look forward too.

I probably won’t be around much, but feel free to reach out to me via text, phone call, email or snail mail. The providers and employees all have made The Center exactly what Linda and I envisioned it to be. I have always said that center is only as good as its employees and providers. And we have had both to make it so special. Of course, the clients, customers and patients keep the Center movig forward. I know Dr. Kris will maintain and improve the services for everyone. ✨

Love and Blessings,


Our retail shop is now open Monday through Saturday. The Center is closed on Sundays. We hope you can stop by and visit!

We hope to see you soon at The Center.

Thank you,

Dr. Kris and the Staff of The Center for Mind, Body & Spirit

A Health & Wellness Center Designed Around Your Needs

Give yourself the gift of health & wellness. At The Center For Mind, Body & Spirit we offer holistic (mental, physical, and spiritual) therapies and lifestyle programs designed for the individual, recognizing that everyone is unique in their needs.
Finding true well-being

Beyond the Body

The human body is not just a biological machine but a vast energetic network, where spirit, matter, and power intersect. We understand that physical health and the quality of our lives is influenced by all dimensions of our being, including mental health, lifestyle and spirituality.

Empowering individuals to rebalance their ecology

The Self-Healing Body

The human body functions on a self-healing system. We help our clients rebuild and enhance their health by balancing their ecology, holistically addressing each person’s individual biochemistry, deficiencies, weaknesses, tendencies, and lifestyle to give their bodies the opportunity to heal themselves before resorting to more invasive measures.

Natural Goods & Giftables

In addition to on-site services, The Center for Mind, Body & Spirit offers
a large assortment of natural health and wellness products.

Open Monday through Saturday, we have great prices on books, music, candles, crystals & gemstones, handmade jewelry, essential oils, and many other unique gift ideas.

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