You, the client, set the pace.

Our Services

At The Center for Mind, Body & Spirit we offer many methods to effectively support patients and clients as they regain, maintain and expand their health and well-being. We are physical, emotional, mental and spiritual beings and our health and healing is dependent on all of these factors.



Regain and maintain your health at all levels (Mind, Body & Spirit)

Astrological Consultation

Discover your tools for life, relationships and soul growth through the energy of the planets and the zodiac.

Bellanina Facelift Massage

A relaxing whole-body treatment emphasizing the face, neck and shoulders that rejuvenates, cleanses and detoxes the skin.


Reduce your stress levels to find a deeper calm.

Body Shaping

Holistic approaches to slimming, tuning and strengthening the body

Craniosacral Therapy

Complement the body's natural healing process

Diet & Nutrition

Guidance, strategies, and support to optimize your health

Energy Therapy

Energy therapy is a gentle approach to healing that restores the body's natural energetic balance and healing abilities.

Facials & Skincare

The Center for Mind, Body & Spirit offers all natural facials and skincare services that will leave you feeling centered and refreshed from the inside out.

Life Coaching & Personal Development

The Center for Mind, Body & Spirit offers services for holistic therapies including Life Coaching as well as Personal Development sessions.

Massage & Bodywork

The Center for Mind, Body & Spirit is home to award winning massage therapists. Our massage and bodywork services will leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed and renewed.

Meditation Instruction

Experience deep calm, inner wisdom and insight with a one-on-one meditation instruction session.


Tarot, Numerology, Crystal Cards, Past Lives and Mediumship.

Somatic Experiencing

Helps to build a resilient nervous system as an effective form of trauma and stress relief

Vibrational Healing

Vibrational healing will help open up your chakras and get your energy balanced and flowing.