Tiffany Decker

Massage Therapist
Tiffany has over 10  years of experience working in the field of massage and has worked in a variety of environments over the last decade;  corporate on-campus massage therapy, a chiropractic office setting, spa and fitness center locations, as well as in-home and event massage therapy.  Regardless of the environment where she has worked, she has a strong passion for wellness and healing. She uses trigger point therapy, deep tissue and sports massage in what she calls her “search and destroy missions” to relieve the body of stress and pain. Her entire goal and focus as a massage therapist is to move the body into a healing mode. As she puts it:
“Your body is sacred, it is your temple and the only one like it in the universe.  It is the home of your mind and spirit; the most valuable possession you will ever own.  It deserves to be treated with respect and compassion.  I will always treat you and your body with the utmost respect, listening and observing first to your concerns and feedback, and then proceeding with your needs in mind.”
Tiffany reminded me that she came into The Center, fresh out of massage school with resume in hand, hopeful to work here.  I let her know that entry level massage therapists don’t meet our high standards and recommended returning after 10 years or more of experience.  I am so glad she did; she gave me an excellent massage and zeroed right in to the spots that needed her expertise and it was done with the utmost respect for me as a person and for my body.
Tiffany will be charging $85/hour and $120/ an hour and a half.  If you refer a friend to her (either during this offer or later), she will take $5.00 off the next massage you book with her.
**Special Holiday Promotion**
Tiffany is offering a promotion through December 31st, 2019.  If you buy one 90 minute massage for $120, you can get a second 90 minute massage for $85.  She will also be adding a free aromatherapy upgrade for any of her clients who wish to use it.  

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