Lou Callen

Biofeedback and Vibrational Healing

Lou uses a multi-modal approach to health and stress relief which incorporates biofeedback, tuning forks, reiki, aromatherapy, magnets, and breathing techniques. The biofeedback measures stress and then trains you to reach a deeper inner calm. You will be able to measure your progress over time. The other modalities will help open up your chakras and get your energy balanced and flowing. The tuning forks are calibrated to the seven main chakras. In addition, there is a DNA healing fork as well as a “soul” fork.

Lou has trained with top reiki masters as well as vibrational/tuning fork experts. He received his Biofeedback training from the Heart Math Institute. He frequently attends reiki circles in the area.

For an experience that will transform you so that you may reach a new level of calm and focus, try a session and get your energy flowing!


Biofeedback, 1 Hour ………. $75
Vibrational Healing, 1 Hour ………. $85

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