Kathy Berg

A professional astrologer for over 40 years, Kathy brings a wealth of knowledge into her art of the stars. Besides being gifted in Astrology, Kathy blends her extensive course work in Tarot, Numerology, Hermetic sciences, Human Design, Psychometry, cycles, feng shui, colors, Eastern philosophies and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Feldenkreis, polarity and gemstones.
Kathy is now seeing clients for readings at the Center.  Please Call or Text 314-725-6767 to request an appointment.

With a B.A. in psychology and a Master of Metaphysical Science, Kathy is a spiritual counselor who conducts workshops and classes, lectures, and publishes articles and newsletters with a spiritual perspective.

Tarot Card Readings

For many centuries, Tarot was used as a magic key to unlock spiritual wisdom through the pictures designed by enlightened people. Tarot uses symbols of astrological signs and planets as well as Numerology to develop a language for the subconscious. Guidance through Tarot is one of the best ways to gain a clear understanding of your life. If something feels like an obstacle, a Tarot Card Reading can offer you a different perspective. Tarot can be the key to unlock the truth of any situation.

Numerology Readings

Numerology is the study of the occult meanings of numbers. Since your date of birth doesn’t change, it has a lasting effect on your entire life. Your Birth Number shows your opportunities in this lifetime. Unlike your birth date, your name may change. Numerology assigns numbers to all the 26 letters of our alphabet. By adding the numbers in your name, your potential and talents are revealed. Your birth name may give you a different number than other names you use to identify yourself, but all these different name numbers represent a part of you, your gifts and lessons through the energy of the planets and the zodiac.

Astrological Consultations

Natal Chart – The energies you have as your tools for life, relationships, soul growth, karmic patterns, and life path. Also a look at current transits.

Transits – Based on current position of planets in relationship to Natal Chart. Planning for immediate future.

Comparison Chart – How to understand the dynamics of a specific relationship in your life – relating your energies to those of your family, friends, mate, or business partner.

Composite Chart – Combination of two charts blended into one. Discovering a relationship’s purpose and identity.

Solar Return Chart – Based on your geographical location on your birthday of any given year. Seeing the opportunities for this specific one-year-period.

Progressions – Based on progressed movement of planets in any given year. Updating life experiences as related to opportunities at birth.


Kathy is also available for parties, individual sessions, lectures, or group classes.


Numerology & Tarot Readings:
1/2 Hour Consultation ………. $55
1 Hour Consultation ………. $100
Astrological Consultation:
Natal Chart with Transits ………. $150
Transits (follow-up) ………. $125
Progressions (follow-up) ………. $125
Comparison or Composite Chart ………. $185
Solar Return Chart, 1 Location ………. $150
Solar Return Chart, 2 Location ………. $185
The secrets to life are simple principles. All you need to do is rediscover them.

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