Eva Goforth

NCLMT, Reiki Master
Massage, Reiki Energy Therapy, Singing Bowl Sound Therapy

Eva Goforth, a provider at The Center since 2008 and holistic bodywork practitioner since 1991, is introducing her new passion to The Center. Singing Bowl Sound Therapy achieves deep relaxation by lowering our brain frequency through sound vibration. The bowls are placed directly onto the body which allows for a gentle, yet powerful experience as the subtle vibrations restore and regenerate our cells. Her training is based on the European Western style of Sound Massage. It is gentle and respectful to the mind and body.

Eva has been a full-time massage therapist since 1991 and nationally certified since 1993 (NCLMT). She has over 1000 hours in continuing education covering a wide variety of modalities including:

Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage, Myofascial Release, Reiki Energy Healing, Prenatal Massage, Swedish Style, Esalen Technique, Tibetan Singing Bowl Massage

Her bodywork education includes:

Orthopedic Massage OMERI (Whitney Lowe), Esalen (Brita Ostrom), Myofascial Release (Art Riggs), Ortho-Bionomy (Alan Saxon), Reiki (Phyllis Lei Furumoto), Hakomi Body Psychotherapy (Ron Kurtz), Singing Bowl Sound Therapy (Vickie Jenny)

She enjoys working holistically by tailoring each session specifically to her clients needs and comfort level.


Reiki Pricing:
Initial Visit, 1.5 Hour ………. $120
Follow-up Visit, 1 Hour ………. $85
Singing Bowl Sound Therapy Pricing:
Initial Visit, 1.5 Hour ………. $110
Follow-up Visit, 1 Hour ………. $85

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