Eva Goforth

NCLMT, Reiki Master
Massage, Therapeutic Massage, Reiki Energy Therapy, Singing Bowl Sound Therapy, Foot Massage, CBD Massage
Eva is seeing new and existing clients at the Center for all of her services. Please Call or text (314) 725-6767 to make an appointment.

Eva Goforth has been a provider at the Center since 2008 and a full time massage therapist since 1991.  She’s been nationally certified since 1993 (NCBTMB) and has over 1,500 hours of continuing education covering a wide variety of modalities, including:

Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage


Myofascial Release

Reiki Energy Healing

Prenatal Massage

Tibetan Singing Bowl Massage


Her bodywork education includes:

Orthopedic Massage OMERI (Whitney Lowe)

Esalen (Brita Ostrom)

Myofascial Release (Art Riggs)

Ortho-Bionomy (Alan Saxon)

Reiki USUI (Phyllis Lei Fromoto) and Holy Fire Karuna Reiki

Hakomi, Psychotherapy as Spiritual Practice (Ron Kurtz and Greg Johanson)

Hakomi Somatics Trauma Training (Pat Odgen in collaboration with Bessel van der Kolk)

Singing Bowl Sound Massage (Vickie Jenny, Peter Hess(Germany))

Eva enjoys tailoring each session specifically to her client’s needs and comfort level.

Cupping for massage is a relatively new modality which she has been practicing since 2019.  Clients can achieve two to three times more tension release than without cupping.  It is especially good for athletes and tight fascia.  If you would like to incorporate cupping into your massage session at no additional charge, please let Eva know!

Sound Massage achieves deep relaxation via sound waves.  During the session, Eva places the bowls gently on the body.  The sound waves create space within the body on a cellular level and relieve pain and tension.  It is especially helpful for arthritis and similar inflammatory disorders.  The sound waves also affect the brain, leading to a deeply relaxed state to help relieve stress and anxiety. 

*Therapeutic Massage – All Modalities*
One Hour Session – $100
90 Minute Session – $150
*CBD Massage*
One Hour Session – $125
90 Minute Session – $175
*Reiki Energy Healing*
One Hour Session – $100
90 Minute Session – $150
*Tibetan Singing Bowl Massage*
One Hour Session – $100
90 MInute Session – $150

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