Natural approaches for prenatal and postpartum issues.

Maternity Consulting

Owner Deborah Zorensky will naturally guide you through your maternity experience from fertility nutrition counseling and conception through birth and postpartum issues. 

Greenproofing is creating a safe home and body environment for babies and their families by preventing exposure to toxins in the home and on the body. An eco-consultant’s goal is to educate you in these different areas and help you decide what changes to make and how to implement them to create a safe environment at home. Our eco-consultants work with preconceiving, pregnant, new moms and their babies. There are many different “shades of green” and small changes can have big results.

Fertility and Nutrition
90 min:  $175

Greening the Mom
With over 80,000 registered synthetic chemicals, our bodies 

are being burdened. We are regularly exposed to insecticides, herbicides, preservatives, cleaning products and other toxins. These chemicals wreak havoc on the immune, endocrine, nervous and REPRODUCTIVE systems.  Integrating nutrition into your fertility/family planning and pregnancy will help keep mom and baby healthy. We will also discuss a “green delivery,” where you want to deliver, and how to make it as toxin free, for you and baby, as possible. Personal care products will also be evaluated.

Deborah will do an in-depth intake to learn your nutrition, eating and cooking needs. She will also discuss healthful ways to cook and store food.

60-90 min: $100 (includes unlimited 10 minute follow-up calls and emails for one week after consultation)

Greening the baby

Babies smell so good, but so often the soaps, shampoos and lotions parents use on their baby can actually be harmful to them.  The clothes and diapers your baby wears may be laden with pesticides, dyes and metals that could be harming your baby. Learn about cloth diapers and chlorine-free paper diapers that

can provide healthier options for baby. Parents are usually cautious about their baby’s physical safety and put up gates to protect them and give them age appropriate toys. However, toy safety is much more than that; what the toys are made from and where they are made can actually impact baby’s health.

60-90 min: $100 (includes unlimited 10 minute follow-up calls and emails for one week after consultation)

Greening the Nursery

Babies spend over 16 hours a day sleeping, so their beds should be a safe place for them. Parents are usually careful in choosing what they think is a safe bed. The government also helps with this by making crib regulations. However, the government doesn’t regulate against formaldehyde, a known toxin found in most baby mattresses. While the government does not allow lead in paint, they still allow volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in paints. Chances are your baby’s painted furniture is poisoning your baby. Some studies are showing SIDS may actually be related to baby’s intake of toxic fumes. Deborah can guide you through this confusing process of planning a safe nursery or in working to change an existing nursery to be more “green.”

60-90 min: $100 (includes unlimited 10 minute follow-up calls and emails for one week after consultation)

**$250 special for combining all three Greening services – a savings of $50!

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