Shelby Corson

Myofascial Massage, CBD Massage, and Transformational Breathwork
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Shelby is a certified Massage Therapist and Transformational Breathwork Facilitator. She enjoys working with people battling chronic pain issues. Shelby specializes in Myofascial Release mixed with energy work and other modalities that come to her while working. She is trained in Prenatal massage, shiatsu, myofascial release (trained by someone who trained in the John Barnes method) and Swedish Massage.

Massage – 1 Hour …… $100
Massage – 90 Minutes …… $150
CBD Massage – 1 Hour …… $125
CBD Massage – 90 Minutes …… $175


Shelby is not currently offering breathwork at the center

Use Transformational Breath™ to:
Reduce Stress
Feel more joy in your life
Eliminate restricted breathing patterns
Increase your overall energy
Improve your Health; Strengthen and balance your body’s systems
Deepen your mind-body connection
Clear cellular memories and non-productive subconscious thought patterns and paradigms
Experience greater awareness of the Presence of God Within You

This is a self-healing technique that is safe for anyone to practice.
Each breath session is designed around a specific intention or goal established by the breather.

Empower and enhance your life through Transformational Breath™

Without breath there is no life. It is as simple as that and yet many of us take how we breathe for granted. Our breath is the Energy of life. It provides all important oxygen to the body, unites and deepens the mind-body connection and strengthens our ties to all that lives. If you are like most people your breathing pattern is not all it could be. Too many people breathe in shallow and constricted patterns, cutting off the full benefit of their Breath, never realizing the potential they are wasting for a more healthful life and greater peace of mind.

Breathwork Initial Session – 2 Hours …… $200
Breathwork Follow-Up Session …… $150

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