Linda Wiggen Kraft

Meditation Instruction: Mantra Meditation, Guided Meditation, Mandala Art Meditation

Linda Wiggen Kraft is an artist (photography, mandalas, pottery), creativity teacher, garden designer & garden writer. Her work centers around enhancing body, mind, heart and soul through art, gardens, and indoor spaces. She has over 30 years experience as a consultant, teacher, and practitioner in the fields of art, design and human potential.

She has been a featured speaker and workshop leader at the Missouri Botanical Garden, Winterthur Garden & Museum, Logee’s Greenhouses, St. Louis Art Museum, International Parish Nurses Symposium, Art & Soul Cafe, Wellness Community and other gatherings where she has taught and continues to teach Morning Mandalas, Creativity for the Soul, and Creating a Garden for Your Soul.

Her professional experience combines the creativity of a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, the pragmatism a Master of Business Administration degree and the calm centeredness of a Meditation Teacher.


Mantra Meditation, 3-4 Hours ………. $200
Guided Meditation, 3-4 Hours ………. $200
Mandala Art Meditation, 3 Hours + Art Supplies ……….. $200


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