Linda Wiggen Kraft

Meditation Instruction: Mantra Meditation, Guided Meditation, Mandala Art Meditation
Linda is not currently seeing clients at the Center due to the pandemic.

Linda Wiggen Kraft is an artist (photography, mandalas, pottery), creativity teacher, garden designer & garden writer. Her work centers around enhancing body, mind, heart and soul through art, gardens, and indoor spaces. She has over 30 years experience as a consultant, teacher, and practitioner in the fields of art, design and human potential.

She has been a featured speaker and workshop leader at the Missouri Botanical Garden, Winterthur Garden & Museum, Logee’s Greenhouses, St. Louis Art Museum, International Parish Nurses Symposium, Art & Soul Cafe, Wellness Community and other gatherings where she has taught and continues to teach Morning Mandalas, Creativity for the Soul, and Creating a Garden for Your Soul.

Her professional experience combines the creativity of a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, the pragmatism a Master of Business Administration degree and the calm centeredness of a Meditation Teacher.


Mantra Meditation, 3-4 Hours ………. $200
Guided Meditation, 3-4 Hours ………. $200
Mandala Art Meditation, 3 Hours + Art Supplies ……….. $200


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