Karren Harris

Reiki Master, Personal Development
Karen has recently moved back to the St. Louis area after years of living in the San Francisco area, and building a practice in Oklahoma. She has most recently returned from a two month stay in India where she lived in Sri Swami Satyananda ashram in Munger, Bihar. Her travels to Egypt, and Malawi, Africa, as well as India, Nepal, and Thailand have helped her integrate and ground the spiritual and more traditional forms of education.  Karen, also known as Karuna, a Sanskrit name given to her as an initiate into the sannyasi order, meaning compassion and empathy, is a Karma Sannyasi and 200 level yoga teacher, in the Satyananda Yoga tradition. She is certified in Yoga Nidra meditation, as well as a Reiki Master Teacher, which she taught in Malawi along with her involvement in cross cultural writing workshops. Additionally, Karen obtained her Masters in Integral Psychology at John F. Kennedy University. Her education, practice and services in “Integral psychology” (Spiritual psychology), seeks to create a new paradigm in human development endeavoring to integrate all parts of the Self. Karen started Karuna Personal Development in Oklahoma, after returning from India in 2010. She maintains her private practice, and she works through a mental health agency as a Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Specialist teaching life management skills. As part of her karma yoga work, Karen volunteers teaching meditation to Batter’s groups to help with trauma and anger/violent behaviors and is dedicated to bringing meditation to the forefront. For more information please visit www.karunapd.com
Individual Sessions:   Karen’s main focus of healing is through an Integral Psychology Personal Development consultation.  This session is a holistic psychotherapy inspiredreflective listening service to help an individual process and heal at a deeper level, life’s difficult experiences. It provides a platform, where an individual becomes more conscious of their behaviors, and cognitive process. This practice affords an individual an opportunity to make more fully informed decisions and choices. Awareness and integration of the Self is paramount for creating a life that is richer and more fulfilling. This is a nontraditional alternative to traditional therapy.
Meditation Session, 1 Hour ……….$90
Personal Development Session, 1 Hour ………. $100 
Personal Development Session, 1.5 Hour ………. $150

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