Kim Yurkovich

Kim Yurkovich

Clinical Hypnotherapy
Kim is now seeing new and existing clients at The Center for Hypnotherapy.  Please Call 314-725-6767 or Text 314-616-4226 to make an appointment

Kim is a Clinical Hypnotherapist dedicated to working with people to guide them to identify the root cause of issues they are experiencing today, in order to resolve them and move forward living a happier, more peaceful, and more abundant life. Kim believes that the key to successful resolution is building trust with her clients.  She is transparent in her communication and empathetic in her approach.  She partners with each client to dig into issues, and, through hypnotherapy, works with the subconscious mind to help eliminate negative emotions and provide positive suggestions.  This empowers individuals to move forward, free of barriers they’ve carried with themselves for years.

Kim says “My passion for helping others began when I started my career, working in psychology, where I witnessed first-hand the effects that stress, anxiety, addictions, and limiting beliefs can have on people – causing ongoing and chronic mental and physical health problems.  In addition, working in communications and public relations for nearly 25 years gave me understanding into a variety of human behavior and emotions, which provided a veritable treasure trove of insight to use on my path as a Clinical Hypnotherapist.  Now, Using a variety of hypnotherapy techniques, customized to address each individuals’ unique issues, I help people release negative emotions that hold them back and work to replace those limiting beliefs with the tools they need to live more abundantly.

30 Minute Discovery Session ……. Free
(Please provide a phone number when requesting a Discovery Session)
One Hypnotherapy Session ……. $230
(Three Session Minimum)

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