Carlin Wagner

Carlin Wagner

Theta Healing
Carlin is not currently seeing clients at the Center due to the pandemic.

Carlin Wagner is an Advanced Certified Theta Healing®️Practitioner with a Masters in Social Work from Washington University in St. Louis. Part of her life purpose involves creating space for clients to transform problems into peaceful solutions.

Through her own on-going transformation she has come to realize “Everything is energy.” Our thoughts, feelings and behaviors carry energy which affect our life, ourselves and others in powerful ways.

Carlin enjoys co-creating with clients to help them become aware of this energy and use it for their highest good. She helps them connect with their soul’s intuition and gifts which are dormant and waiting to blossom. Through Theta Healing®️ clients gain a life-changing shift in perspective and come to recognize the truth of who they are.

Theta Healing®️is a co-creative energy modality where the client learns from the practitioner how to transform negative energy. Theta Healing®️combines science and spirituality to identify and immediately transform erroneous core beliefs the client is carrying about themsleves.

Benefits of Theta Healing®️:
Reprograms negative, limiting beliefs from the subconscious
Relieves past traumas, allowing focus on the present
Transforms fear into freedom
Increases energy, peace, joy and clarity
Creates harmonious relationships with self and others
Helps one recognize his/her true identity
Allows for recognition of life purpose
Increases intuition and connection with Higher Power
Increases motivation and creativity to move forward
Increases empowerment and authenticity
Is a life-long tool used to overcome challenges and create the life your heart desires

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