Bodhi Lee

Energy Therapy
Bodhi is not currently seeing clients at the Center due to the pandemic.

Bodhi takes an intuitive approach to integrating body and mind. She balances and clears the chakras and energy field to facilitate the bodys natural healing. She also uses her intuitive gifts, receiving guidance while she works, to support and empower each person in their own healing. She may suggest meditation or relaxation techniques, breathwork, and lifestyle options to facilitate that process. Her joy is to help people connect to their inner light with self-compassion and insight.

Bodhi draws from a lifetime of experience including massage therapy, meditation and yoga practices, breathwork, Healing Touch, tai chi and qigong, energy medicine, acupuncture, homeopathy and stress reduction techniques.

Each session consists of chakra clearing and energy balancing, and may include intuitive guidance, and tools for personal growth.

Chakra Balancing & Intuitive Healing

1 Hour – $85

3 Session Package – $225

Energy Balancing and Stress Reduction

1 and 1/2 Hours – $120

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