Anjellea Godwin

Elemental Intuitive advisor and Spiritual Destiny Reader
Certified in SomaVeda Thai Yoga Therapy
Anjellea is currently doing Elemental Intuitive Advising and Spiritual Destiny readings by phone or Zoom. Please call or text (314) 725-6767 to set up an appointment.  She is not doing Soma Veda sessions at this time.


Anjellea’s early years were difficult; she came from a dysfunctional family. Her grandmother was a tarot reader and a clairvoyant intuitive from a very young age until her departure at 97 and Anjellea was taught by her grandmother how to do spiritual readings. At the age of 15, Anjellea already knew she had claircognizant abilities and could do readings.She has overcome much of the trauma, drama, physical, spiritual and emotional pain by knowing her Essence/Soul Imprint, and through Energy Healing and Divine Spiritual work.  Now she seeks to inspire others as a spiritual seeker, healer and advocate for those who have gone through similar experiences.

Anjellea has followed her true calling as an Elemental Intuitive Advisor and transformation Guide since 1993.  She earned her certification as a Kripalu Yoga Instructor in 1991 and was ordained a Minister in 2002.  She was also certified as an Energy Healing Jorhei practitioner in 2004, certified in the AccessConsciousness “Access Bars” technique in 2009. She was certified as a Oneness Blessing Giver in 2009, and as a SomaVeda Thai Yoga Therapy practitioner in 2018.


Spiritual Destiny Reader

Anjellea Godwin works with the hidden Elements of your nature through the energies of elements (fire, earth, metal, water and wood).  She also uses her Claircognizant ability and other spiritual modalities for readings of your past, present and future.  She goes over your Divine Elemental/Soul Imprint (who you really are) to help you recognize the underlying core problem/issue.  

Once this is revealed (depending on your situation), Anjellea will recommend certain healing modalities, and/or spiritual guidance to help you transform your mindset so you can uplift your vibrational energy. Whether it’s relationship, career, purpose, self-care, spiritual growth or whatever you’re seeking Anjellea can help. Anjellea is also known for her deep caring so you feel safe and nurtured. In order for Anjellea to help you to ascend from illusion to the truth of your reality, she begins with your date of birth, time and location.  If you don’t know the time a rectification process is done. Anjellea’s 30 years’ experience has helped many find their way in life, realize their potential and discover their passion, overcome their spiritual and physical pain, have better relationships and honor who they are and heal emotionally and much more! She has helped many find, identify, and trust their true nature, purpose and mission and she can help you find solutions so you can make correct decisions that are right for you!

Receive a wealth of information. Recording is advisable. Bring your questions. 
Divine Service Fee:
90 min. $180 – First Time Destiny Reading
60 min. $120 – Destiny Reading

SomaVeda Thai Yoga Therapy

SomaVeda is a fully clothed hands-on form of ancient Indigenous healing. Enhances the body/mind connection, reduces stress and enhances sense of well-being, relaxes and loosens tight muscles, reduces pain, increases range of motion, reduces swelling and edema, assists in stress related infertility and impotence, reduces karmic blockage and stagnation. Also effective in psychosomatic and psychological illness, and facilitates lymphatic drainage and supports proper immune system response and a more! In Thailand if a person suffered injury or trauma, Nuad or Thai Yoga was the primary therapy for rehabilitation, pain relief and stress reduction.  It is nurturing, calming and enlivening and will expand your ideas of what bodywork can be.  SomaVeda Thai Yoga Therapy facilitates and promotes a harmonious state of being. It also incorporates gentle rocking, deep stretching and rhythmic compression to create singular healing experience.

Please wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing.  Women, please this is not the time to be worried about support.  A tight or underwire bra can be detrimental to energy/ physiology and potentially a painful distraction as we move from position to position. Men, avoid heavy belts and buckles.  Please remove all jewelry. For your first time session, please allow one hour and 15 minutes because you will receive a 15 minute consultation with Anjellea before you begin your session.

75 minutes – First time session — $150, which includes your initial 15 minute consultation with Anjellea. 
A $15 discount will be applied if you pay by cash or check.
60 minutes – Follow up sessions — $135.
A $10 discount will be applied if you pay by cash or check.
Packages by the month are available.

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