Anahata (Anna) Roach

Energy Therapy, Reiki Energy Therapy, Crystal Card Readings, Meditation
Anahata is not currently seeing clients at the Center due to the pandemic.

An intuitive since childhood, Anahata left a corporate career to follow her soul’s service path. She received her certification in Crystal Resonance Therapy (CRT) through the Crystalis Institute in 2011, after completing a 13-month, 500 hour course. She is certified to use guided meditation for specific intentions during a CRT session, or as an individual service. In addition to CRT bodywork, Anahata provides information, guidance, and clarity through intuitive card readings.

Anahata is also an Usui Reiki master, a master teacher of Sekhem-Seichim-Reiki (Egyptian Reiki), a teacher of the All-Love energy stream and is trained in Integrated Energy Therapy. These modalities are often used in conjunction with her CRT sessions. She teaches crystal and energy classes for both children and adults.

Anahata is offering these services at The Center:

Crystal Resonance Therapy: Energetic bodywork with crystals and stones for chakra clearing and balancing. 90 minute session. (One session – $150) (Series of 5 sessions – $600)

Crystal Reiki: Abbreviated version of CRT bodywork using Reiki and stone placement. 30 minute session. (4 sessions package – $450)

Intuitive Readings with Crystal Cards: Client has a choice of 30, or 60 minutes, which can be recorded for clients use. (1 hour – $100) (30 Min – $65)

Guided Meditation: Individual session, or in addition to a CRT session. Helps to clear cellular memory of outdated programs, access to ones higher self and reconnect to ones true energetic balance.(1 hour – $100) (30 Min – $50)


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